Man viewing the solar eclipse

North Herts District Council

NHDC Planning Office

Sandon Parish Council

Save Rural Baldock

Save Rural Knebworth

North Herts District councillors

Royston Crow – Royston mass housing plan

Campaign to Protect Rural England – Herts group


Redlist Revivalcharity working to restore red-listed species, UK Biodiversity Action Plan

Pesticide Action Network UK

Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland

National Wildlife Crime Unit – a vital service now losing its funding. Sign the petition to help secure the long-term future of the unit

Wildlife crime – report it

Wildlife persecution – police action

Hare coursing – illegal in the UK since 2005

Hedgehogs – Bedfordshire

Badger Trust!news/e2g21

Stop the Cull

Cambridgeshire Mammal Group

Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue – hedgehogs

Animal Aid

Peta – pig farms exposed

Nuisance in the Neighbourhood; irritations, anti-social stuff and more

Courtesy of Save Rural Baldock

WWF’s climate change explainer

Climate and human migration – some views

AFP press article: “2015 a ‘tipping point’ for climate change: experts”
The Green Party says:
♦ International Organization for Migration
♦ Human displacement – Refugees Studies Centre, Oxford University



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