Eco Day at Sandon JMI school
Sandon school Eco 18
A village pond sample puzzles teacher and young pupil. Photo: P Sinclair

On 18 July 2016 Sandon pupils got a close-up view of nature and a healthy dose of sunshine as they fashioned mud bricks in the garden, went pond dipping, built an insect hotel and and brought rain into the classroom.

The Eco Day, introduced and aided by Sandon Conservation Group, with superb organisational input from the head teacher, Margaret Gilbert, was designed to spark further interest in the environment and our place in it – in this case, it transpired that tiny water boatmen, even tinier worms and water droplets became the stars of the show.

The rota for the school day was arranged so that all the pupils joined in the four activities, and at a final assembly the children took part in a Q&A session with their teachers.
Sandon school Eco 28

Sandon school Eco 15Sandon school Eco 12Sandon school Eco 3Sandon school Eco 5Sandon school Eco 30

Building developments – right for “only for the brave and desperate”?


The Wall Street Journal looks at uncertainty in the British property market after the Brexit vote on 23 June

Redlist Revival

beard-88083_1280           2B2Wu5Zr_bigger

Redlist Revival



A UK based charity working to restore disappearing Red-Listed species identified within the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.

Cropped honey-bee
Photo: Pixabay


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